Worshipful Master’s Address

November 2018- October 2019

Greetings Brothers of Enterprise,

I am truly humbled by the opportunity to serve you in the position of Worshipful Master of Enterprise Lodge #3. I do not take this responsibility for granted that you have entrusted to me. Servanthood is one of the biggest duties of this office and I realize that I can’t do it alone without your support. While I may stand in East as one, I realize that the success of the lodge also lies in your hands as well. I intend to keep harmony and transparency in all that we do and I solicit your ideas, feedback and even your opposition.

I will look to the Past Masters for wise counsel, wisdom and guidance as well as the knowledge and expertise of all our Master Masons. You will have a collective voice in the direction of our lodge.

Our widows/orphans, the Brick program and our community service will be major priorities in this masonic year. This will give us a sense of compassion and humility towards those in need of care and also provide the opportunity to make an impact on mankind. I pray that you will be willing to embark upon these priorities with me. Another priority this masonic year will be growing our lodge with more good brothers to move our vision forward. This will require the support of us all as we seek those worthy to accept the rules and regulations of our fraternity.

In closing, I am happy to express my excitement for what God will do through this lodge. I pray the strength of us all and I hope that we will stay humble and open for change. May the favor, peace and blessings from God be upon each of us.

In Harmony,
Dy’Vee McLean
Worshipful Master